Auroville Consulting provides multi-disciplinary expertise for ecologically responsible development projects. We also manage the Auroville Collaborative projects where we explore innovative and sustainable solutions for integral living at Auroville in partnership with internal and external experts.

We have a project to produce and develop curriculum and a kit to educate 10-16 years old school children about concepts of waste including re-using, recycling and reducing.

We are looking for two communication interns with background in graphic design, illustration, audio/video production to join our team in developing, designing and producing the kit for pilot testing with schools. The project duration is about 5 months starting around 1 September and requires intense team work and interactions with school teachers in different Auroville schools. This project is suitable for Master’s thesis students or fresh graduates seeking working experience.

Interns will be provided dormitory accommodation and food at community dining hall and have to bear their own travel expenses to Auroville. We are a non-profit organization and traditionally do not offer any honorarium but we gracefully acknowledge the spirit of giving and good will.

Auroville is an international community of about 2000 residents from over 40 countries located near Pondicherry in South India. It offers a unique experience in sustainable living. Every year many students and young professionals from various countries work as interns/volunteers in diverse areas such as education, forestation, farming, architecture, design and others. Besides the project challenges, interns/volunteers experience serene forested surroundings, a multi-cultural international social life and ecologically conscious living.
If you are a post graduate student or a young professional interested in the internship, please send by email before July 30th 2011: 1. A one page CV (pdf file) with photo 2. Short descriptions of projects along with a web link to portfolio 3. Two references from a client, professor or supervisor.

Vimal Bhojraj,

Auroville Consulting

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