Amazing facts. All 350 million of them under 30. We have a special affinity here at mobileYouth with India. In 2005 we set up offices in Kolkata and Trivandrum. Our support team still works out in Trivandrum – the beautiful state of Kerala. I was out there in 2005 and witnessed the rapid rise of mobile ownership by India’s youth with my very eyes – school kids on the street corners swarming around the mobilewallah pushing his cart and generator peddling the latest Nokia N Series amidst a backdrop of chickens, cows, temples, noise, dirt and traffic.

Updated 2011 statistics for India from mobileYouth report. All of these high resolution charts are available to MobileYouthReport subscribers

List of charts for India

Our latest video was shot by mobileYouth director Amit on location in boom town Bangalore, India as a spinoff from our annual mobileYouth report and part of our global video research on the street containing key facts and insights into the Indian youth market. Enjoy!

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