Tarek Kasser, CEO of Young Berry Agency (Lebanon)
Trendsetters lifestyle differs from the rest of the mainstream and this is how they want to position themselves, whether they understand “personal branding” or not
Trendsetters in the Middle East are looking for various things.

Kaustav Sengupta, Research Head of INgene (India)

“Eco-cool” and the “Fakoconsciousness”:
A strong emerging trait of young influencers in India at SEC1 cities… to show off that they are ecologically conscious!
This is a characteristic which INgene coined as “fakoconsciousness” : a process of faking oneself as ecologically and socially active to remain “cool” among peers (when the on-ground observations states a different scenario).

Muhammad Faisal, Executive Director of YouthLab Indo (Indonesia)

Digital VS Grass root Indonesian trendsetters emerge from 2 different universe, the digital and the grass root world: Digital influencers are the young people who are actively shouting their opinion on a wide range issues, from economic, eco-green, politics, to celebrity gossips. They came from diverse background, although most of them are creative worker or academician. They have massive follower on social media and engage with them almost 24/7.