“I have been enthusiastically following the writing and research of Professor Kaustav SenGupta for some years. One reason for this is that for some time now I have been increasingly of view that the primary focus of our attention in the West must begin to shift to the East. With it’s significantly youthful demographic, India will surely be the place to watch. The other reason is that, he individually brings a unique energy and open perspective to such research always, as is so important today, looking from a new angle rather than simply applying the old models. While an appriciation of past is always useful, the fact is that it will be grave mistake to presume that what happens in 21st century will simply be an extension of what happend in the second half of the 20th century, in the West.

Ted Polhemus (www.tedpolhemust.com) – Iconic youth subculture analyst, writer and photographer; UK