If you are………

  • Working on same design project for long time now and looking for interesting design projects
  • Want to work on variety of design project across domains and mediums (Web, Mobile , Tablets,…..)
  • Looking for a learning environment in company of good designers
  • Want to face clients, selling your design ideas
  • Looking for a change……..for better

We have 2 UX positions in our design team at GlobalLogic, Noida

GlobalLogic, Leaders
in Software R&D Services, partners with technology companies providing full
product development life-cycle services to start-up, emerging technology
companies and Enterprises.

Design Team at GlobalLogic:
PUDG (Product User
Experience and Design Group) consults variety of design projects of GlobalLogic Clients and in-house products for User experience design and Usability.
Duration of a design project may vary from 2-4 months.
Designers get to work on a new project almost every quarter, quite refreshing and a better
learning environment for a designer.

User Experience
Designers are involved on Design Projects for:

  • Conceptualizing and visualizing the product from scratch following design process
  • Evaluating user experience and usability of existing products and Re-design

Our expectation from User Experience Designer:- Conducting
usability evaluations including expert reviews, competitive analysis, usability
tests, etc.

  • Create personas,
    profiles, and usage scenarios based on user research
  • Create wireframes (varying degrees of fidelity)
  • Interest in thinking and implementing innovative solutions
  • Awareness about current Design and usability developments and new methodologies.
  • Collaborate with Visual designers to create Visual design prototypes
  • Interact with development teams to rapidly come up with designs/redesigns in an agile
  • Good Communication skills that help elaborate and sell design to stakeholders

Qualifications: 3-5 years of experience in User Experience Design, UsabilityBachelors or Masters
Degree in Human Factors, Industrial Design, HCI, or other related disciplines.

Please send in your
resume to S.Choudhary@globallogic.com
If you want to know
more about work and place, ping your friends who are part of our design team.
You can also reach
me at +91 9910225243

Siddhartha Sen
NID, 2003-05

Lead UX