Kaustav SenGupta, an award winning academician, is the Associate Professor at National Institute of Fashion Technology, Chennai.His expertise in fashion trend analysis, youth socio-psychology of India, color psychology, ethnography, brand positioning, consumer behavior analysis and forecasting is recognized by various brands and academicians including BBC, NIKE, KNIGHTS & WALKER-Dubai, CSCOUT-NYC, PYMCA, MOBILEYOUTH, TED POLHEMUS etc.

He, a Master’s in Design (M.Des.) and a certified Six Sigma Green Belt Holder, holds 4 awards including best academic performance, best design collection & most creative collection of the year. He also holds the diploma in Fine Arts(graphic design and photography).

Kaustav, is the Youth trend Analyst who’s researching on Indian youth trend and ethnography for more than a decade, heads a research & direction team of young Indians which is organically growing and now have a network of more than 1,500 young trend-spotters across India. This initiative is called INgene (www.ingene.blogspot.com) , the first ever youth trend research initiative in India recognized by many international experts as the best source for youth trend insights in India. He regularly conducts workshops, delivers lectures and presents papers on Indian youth trend, fashion forecasts, consumer analysis. His association with Ted Polhemus (www.tedpolhemus.com), youth anthropologist and subculture analyst, has helped him to derive a valued theory about the differentiations as well as unique characteristics of Indian youth from their global peers.

He has established the THEORY OF ADOPTED DIFFERENTIATION which defines the root of Indian youth segmentation. He was there: in Colorsindia conference’09 as guest speaker and in the Mobileyouth salon’10 as guest-panel of speakers, IIT-M, Chennai trend presentation as forecast presenter and at many Jury panels and award selection committees of Govt. of India (Ministry of Handlooms, Handicrafts and Textiles) including the prestigious Shilpaguru award (given to the best craftsmen in India) selection panel. He is being recently interviewed by BBC3 for the program “Secrets of The Superbrands” to deliver his expert opinion on youth branding scenario in India.

Kaustav has shared his decade old experience with Tata International Ltd., Plan-UK, ConsumerFaces-Singapore etc. He is also the member of prestigious Youth Research Partners (YRP) and has intelligence sharing collaboration with Cscout-Japan, Rubypseudo-UK and Youth Club-London. His insightful articles are published at The Hindu Businessline, Apparel, Image Fashion, The Smart Manager, Jet-Wing etc.